About #ArtIt - urban artwear & why it's different

#ArtIt - urban artwear is a curated clothing print on demand service for artists and an artistic streetwear store for the customer. With its pilot project launched in Oslo in 2019, #ArtIt provides especially unestablished and upcoming artists new means of visibility and extra income options, while the customer gets unique garments, merging contemporary art with fashion. 

Officially launched in Oslo June 2019, #ArtIt - urban artwear cooperates with the music scene in a rapidly growing city that hasn't been cooler since the Bohemian 1890s when Munch painted our national Mona Lisa, Scream. #ArtIt i.a. organizes its own photo shoots, sponsors musicians and DJs, cooperates with other creatives, and plans a futuristic art/fashion/music event the winter of 2021.

The international group of #ArtIt artists works almost like a community where we tip and help each other with creative ideas, including artistic participation at the Sommerøya electronic music festival along with international top names from the techno scene. The summer of 2019 #ArtIt - urban artwear organized two group exhibitions/pop ups and parttook in the UtzeKatze DJ nights to mark its local presence in Oslo while also looking for artists in other cities as well as abroad.

#Artit specializes in all over prints, but offers traditional chest motives printed on cotton garments as classical artist merchandise too. The involved artists do the marketing/sales towards their existing fan bases themselves, while #ArtIt provides visibility to a new audience. And do all that Photoshop work and online store management for you while our suppliers handle the shipping!

All products are printed on demand in the EU, USA, Mexico, UK, and China and sent directly to the customer. Made on demand clothing means less environmental impact than serial or mass production, leaving that to the more generic consumers' society.

Send an e-mail to post@art-it.no if you want to promote your art through our platform. You can also fill out the survey to see if #ArtIt is something for you and your art.